Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Friends

Last night I realised something. I love my friends. Really.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Preference last night. If there is one thing I miss most about High School, it would have to be the dances. After going to the dance, and seeing a bunch of my friends I havent seen for almost a year, I came home. As I lay in bed, I just started thinking about how really blessed I am to have met such amazing people, who really love and appreciate me. I felt a little guilty. Have I been as good a friend to them, as they have been to me? I immediately picked up my cell phone and started texting all of my friends. I just said something simple to them along the lines of "you are pretty :) I like ya" or "you are a sweet person :) i like ya".. I didnt get as far as I would have liked before falling asleep, but the ones who recieved my message reciprocated it with a similar message. ALL of them appreciated it. I love my friends so much, and I understand that sometimes I dont fully appreciate them or act like a best friend should, but they will never know the full impact they have all had on me as a person. Every aspect of my life has been affected by one of them somehow.

I love each of them individually, and owe them more than I could ever give.

Starting with my next post, I am going to write about one of my friends each time. I want everyone to know what they are to me. Stay tuned, you might be featured :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


It has been a while. I need to start writing in this again.. Basically, alot has changed in the past few months.. I have abandoned all of the goals I set (except for the spanish-speaking one) and set new ones on new years eve. So far, I have been able to keep up with all of them. And guess what? It feels great :) I found out that for me to actually meet a goal, It has to be about something I ACTUALLY care about; not just some rubbish that I feel would make me a better person. That being said, lets have a chat about my goals. Basically I promised myself that would be alot more healty this coming year. Since new years (and I know it's only been a month, but still..) I have not eaten candy. I have made it a point to add at least 2 servings MORE of green vegetables to my plate everyday. I eat at least three servings of fruit. I try to go to bed before midnight. I drink enough water. I take my vitamins. I avoid fast food. AND I go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

It is amazing what a difference this makes. I feel so much better than I ever did all through highschool. Not only physically, but ?mentally and emotionally? i guess. :/ Basically, I am just glad to be me, and I have this deep desire to continue growing and improving, and making myself the best I can be. ..

and thats where I hit my next problem

Like I said: I have been going to the gym, almost religiously. The only problem is, I don't know 100% what I am doing.. I have some of the basics down, and they seem to be working for now, but I find myself chained to using the machine section. Now, don't get me wrong. The machines help, BUT, they dont give a full range of motion and so they don't work smaller muscles that are important for things like balance, and "quickness". And that is where free weights come in. You would think that I would just be able to walk over and pick up some weights and throw them around and get a good workout right? Yeah... the only problem is, like I said, I haven't the foggiest what I am doing over there.


I will find out somehow. I just need to get myself a mentor. A sensei. A Mary Poppins. SOMEONE to help show me what to do, and how to do it correctly, so I can continue to grow and eventually be able to help myself. As for now, the machines are working alright. I am seeing results, and I have been told that they are good for form (which is REALLY important in the long run. Without good form you develop bad posture, can hurt your muscles, become lopsided D: blah blah blah the list goes on and on) SO I am going to just "Keep on keepin' on" (Joe Dirt) and work as hard as I can EVERYTIME until I find me a sensei. NOTHING is going to stop me from meeting my goals. I WILL be a fit beach-god, even if I get there via machines that look like medival torture devices. The tools, determination, and desire is all there, I just need to be showed how to use them :) Adios.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Okay, I'm glad that due to my awesome determination and ambition the "daily positive" lasted. . well. . a day. Haha great isn't it? Truth is, I don't think I can do it everyday. It puts somewhat of a strain on my poor little brain. From now on: If I am feeling positive that day, my posts will be positive. If not: there will either not be any posts, or. . they will be negative :) I'm a human, and as such; I have good days, and bad days. Today feels like its going to be an OKAY day. Not great. Not terrible. Probably forgettable. Oh well. Thus is life, right?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 Nephi:25

"Adam fell, that men might be. Men are, that they might have joy."

Today I will be happy :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Once upon a time, I spoke and understood the beautiful language of Spanish fluently. But as of late, I haven't had opportunities to practice very much, and I have lost so much of it! I stutter and stammer around like a goob, and then get all embarassed and my face turns its signature hot-coal red. Needless to say, I end up feeling like a douche. I hate feeling douche-ish.

SOLUTION: Find ways to practice!

Im going to set YET ANOTHER goal. It is to have, or try to have, a conversation in Espanol each day that I work. At least once. Hopefully this helps, because I dont know what I would do if I could no longer speak to the lovely senoritas D': Deseame buena suerte!


Yesterday was. . unpleasant to say the least. Besides the shiz already going on, I wrecked on the stupid longboard, and waited out in the cold for the better part of two hours. But this morning I realised something. It's not that bad. Yeah sure my ankle is fuhhd up, and my parents are pretty much hating my guts as of now, but life really is what you make it. For example: I could have wallowed around in bed until 10:30 this morning, and decided I wasn't going to do anything but watch tv and swim in self-pity until I went to work. But what purpose would that fulfill? None. I probably would feel worse, the house would still be a wreck, and the parentals would still be pissed. I don't know why, but instead I got up at eight. I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes, and vacuumed the downstairs. I even had time to kill so I made a couple loaves of bread. I cleaned up my mess, and I STILL have three hours before my shift starts at BIG K (which was recently downsized to REGULAR K, mostly due to the fact that the only people who shop there are polygamists and ancient people AND the fact that the BIG part of the sign was no longer blue; but rather a sun-rotted brown. Ew. ) and on top of THAT, I feel great. Almost Zen-like. I realised that I love being productive, and I'm only going to be happy if I take a positive look on things. There is a Chinese proverb that says:

" With happiness comes intelligence to the heart "

That being said. I want to make a goal of it. Being positive and productive, I mean. I'm going to post one positive thing on this here blog, EVERY DAY. Whether it be a scripture, quote, or just a nice picture. In addition to that, It will also be my goal to make at least 3 positive observations each day, and share them with someone. I think that this will help eliminate alot of negativity from my life, and from my home. And hopefully just make life better in general. Im not saying imma transform into.. . I dunno Ghandi or some shiz. But I WILL strive to be more pleasant. Peace.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So. . . like right after I wrote that lovely paragraph about the dead moth, I decided I would go on a nice refreshing longboard session. I've had alot in me brain lately, and for some reason (cliche, I know) longboarding just helps me clear my head. :) I wish I were better, because I really love it; but alas I suck. ANYWAYS. I decided to ride to the high school from my house. It's about three miles. I've never done it during the day, but I thought hey "no time like the present". Right?
I was bombing down this hill, crazy fast, and there were no street lights. I ended up hitting a heaved up slab of concrete and flying off. I futched up my ankle, scraped and bruised my ribs and hips all up, and ripped holes in my sweat shirt.
It gets better though. I got back on, and teetered around on my stupid ankle till I made it to the school. Once there, I couldn't get ahold of a ride. So. I froze. Eventually I found a ride, and all's well that ends well I guess. But Im still grumped about it all, mostly do to the fact that I have the emotional control of a 3 year old.

CONCLUSION: Never use longboarding as a way to escape your childish troubles and bullshvixk, especially at night. Its much better to be a boob at home, than to be a cripple outside. Also, somebody needs to fix the damn concrete. Peace ann blessins.